Tucson and Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Can you relax and still remain active at the same time? That’s the beauty of the authentic Dude ranches in Tucson, Arizona.  Surrounded by rugged peaks, a forest of Giant Saguaro cactus and all the desert critters you can imagine, you simply forget about the outside world. 

You will learn the skills of experienced horsemen and apply them every time you mount up.  Our inter-active programs build permanent bonds with your co-workers.  Evening entertainment, great food and drink, and a soft bed will soothe your sore muscles.

As opposed to the ranches in the Rockies, Tucson is where we can offer you customized Dude ranch experiences for 10 out of 12 months in the year (avoid July and August due to the heat), giving your group more opportunities to find availability.

Nearby we can offer groups from 50-to-5000 the unique opportunity to act out their movie-star dreams in the historic Old Tucson Studios or Mescal Studios.  We’ll create your own private western party including actors, shootouts and saloon girls, and even accommodate you overnight in these working studios which have hosted over 300 movies or TV shows in the last 75 years. 

If you’re not so adventurous and still want to experience the Southwest in luxury, with a few exciting excursions thrown in, then let me recommend the incredible 5 star resorts of Tucson, Phoenix and Scottsdale.  Complete with incredible pools and spas, championship golf courses, and gourmet restaurants, we can still take you into the desert for horse rides, cattle drives and jeep tours, and even car racing on one of the country’s great race tracks for corporate racing programs.  The Scottsdale resorts can easily accommodate the largest corporate clients you have. And the beauty of the Sonoran Desert surrounds you at all times.

Tucson is accessible by direct flights from most major American cities, or via a ground transfer from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  The resorts of Phoenix and Scottsdale are just a short drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.