Why Incentive Travel is Beneficial to Your Company

Jan 14, 2015, Industry Education

A recent study has shown that an increase in morale and loyalty because of a well-packaged and executed incentive program will result in better long-term beneficial outcomes for employees and the host business than another program that offers only immediate financial results but only relatively modest participant satisfaction.

Important performance indicators identified by participants include improved relationships with suppliers, perceptions which exceeded expectations, increased client demand, retained business, company growth, discovery of the core personality of the company, development of a stronger team, a clear definition of future program development, lessons about what to do and what to avoid, successful test of a new program, and development of a sense of purpose.

Our direct experience in planning such well-executed programs shows this to be true, especially when the feedback we are given is so positive that it warms our hearts.  Participants who rave about the quality of our programs and how they surpassed all expectations give us great satisfaction and validate our profession. And when the corporate bosses who pay for these programs admit that the money they spent was worth double the return on employee retention and satisfaction then this is the kind of information we feel is crucial for every corporation to understand.