True West 2017 Road Trip - Day 2

Oct 22, 2017, Destinations

Day 2 – Crested Butte to Ouray

This was a shorter day of driving as I was intent to do a little fly-fishing en route.  Time got away from me in the morning in Crested Butte as I was mesmerized by the beauty of this town. But after leaving I found a little time to fish on a short stretch of the upper Gunnison River.  Continuing through the larger town of Montrose I headed south to Ouray, without a doubt one of the most scenic towns of America.  Nestled underneath mountains on all sides, this is the center of the best mountainous jeeping trails in the world.  Known as “the Switzerland of America” the region boasts more 13,000-14,000 ft mountains than any other place in the country.  Ouray has an incredibly rich history of the Ute Indians who settled the region (and their leader, Chief Ouray), and then the mining entrepreneurs and rugged miners who came here in search of silver in the 1880’s, along with a backstory of Nikola Tesla and the first use of electricity in mining.  The “Million Dollar Highway” as it is known, is a stretch of the San Juan Scenic Byway, connecting Ouray with Silverton and is another of the great scenic roads of America, as well as one of the most dangerous.  Keep your eyes on the road or you risk certain death if you miss a turn!