Executive Education at Tanque Verde Ranch

Nov 17, 2016, Destinations

Our client needed an unusual location for their yearly leadership meeting and we suggested the superb Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson.  Guests were out of their element from the moment they arrived and this provided the perfect counter-point to the intense business meetings during the day. We started the morning with a breakfast trail ride into the desert surrounded by Saguaro cactus and when this was over the guests could focus on their meetings.  Then a Salsa/Margarita Challenge before dinner soothed nerves and lead right into a Southwestern dinner overlooking an awesome sunset. Team Penning the next morning relaxed the team again prior to their full-day meeting followed by a final night cowboy party with mechanical bull ride, cowboy roper and gun twirling and shooting entertainer, and great BBQ steaks which provided a crescendo ending.  A truly fun program for everyone with the consensus opinion that the ranch was a perfect destination choice.