Discover Moab, Utah

Apr 16, 2015, Destinations

While we’ve been sending visitors to Moab for only a little over 25 years, human history in the Moab area goes back as far as 10,000 years.  Today’s visitors can see much evidence of what was left behind by the ancient inhabitants, as well as the evidence of eons of geological change.  These contrasts to modern life and the dramatic landscapes are what draw us to Moab and are the reason why True West Incentive Travel loves to show its clients the awesomeness of this region, and all it has to offer to modern-day visitors.

Yes, it’s a small town of only about 5,000 people, and far from most anywhere, but for those in-the-know, Moab is like nowhere else in America.  It is a natural playground whose wonders are never-ending.  The confluence of the Colorado River and the Green River, along with the unique geology of the area resulted in the canyons, arches, fissures, and domes you see that are unique in the world.  To protect the region the U.S. government eventually named Arches and Canyonlands as National Parks.  The land area of these parks is massive and it would take a lifetime to explore it all.  Most tourists travel through en route to somewhere else and only stay on the paved roads in these parks.  But we know better and we’d love to show you.

Incentive Travel groups no longer have to stay in the town center in basic motels.  Instead let True West take you to a deluxe ranch experience in a gloriously scenic location.  And if you can give us 3, 4 or 5 days then we promise to keep your group active the entire time as they go mountain biking in this Mecca for off-roading, jeeping into remote canyons where overnight camping is possible (for small groups only), canyoneering into slot canyons you never thought imaginable, or rafting down one of the mighty rivers of the world.  These activities give inspiration to all that partake, and that inspiration will return with the traveler to their homes and offices, which is what Incentive Travel is all about.  Team building opportunities exist with every activity, if just by their very nature, without having to construct or manipulate the program for that reason.  The end result is that corporate clients bringing their group to Moab will be rewarded far beyond their monetary investment.  Your guests will return home with incredible tales to tell their friends and colleagues and every one of them will swear to return to Moab one day for more adventures.  That is the kind of program that is too rare in the modern world of Incentive Travel, and that is why True West Incentive Travel exists.  Have a look at our Moab destinations page for visual ideas and then send us an email with your specific needs.

Slow down, get off the pavement, and enjoy!